Old School Update: November 2010

As this blog has gotten more readers, there are probably some posts from my archives that you haven’t seen.  I’ll still feature stories of my new exploits, but every week or so I’m planning to do highlights of old posts starting with this week’s Old School Update: November 2010 jcopro.net

Background: jcopro.net was in it’s infancy at this point, and was probably still known by it’s original name “jcprojects.wordpress.com.”  That site is still up, and people still somehow stumble onto it.  I soon registered the name “jcopro.net” even though it would be hosted on WordPress until February 2010.  Regardless, here’s some highlights of November 2010:

finished Wireless MAME controller

Wireless MAME Controller: Although I would later switch to a purpose-built USB MAME controller from Groovy Game Gear, I thought it would be a good idea to build a controller based on a wireless Microsoft keyboard.  I’d switched to one with a longer range for my HTPC setup, so this was available.  Although the controller build itself looked cool with an extremely tough polycarbonate cover, using a converted keyboard as a controller (my post on this) was less-than-spectacular.  It would run simple games like PacMan or Galaga decently well, but anything requiring more than a few buttons pressed at the same time worked very poorly.  Check out the intro post to it here.

remote control angular momentum deviceRemote Control Angular Momentum Device: The idea of controlling something using internal angular momentum was an idea I was thinking about at the time.  Although not really viable the way this little remote control device was made, it’s kind of interesting, and led to another weird device that rolled around via angular momentum.

urban safari advertisementLots of GIMP-Edited Joke Photos/Ads: I was playing with GIMP a lot, and these ridiculous ads and stuff ended up at “the end” of my site.  There’s a few of these on this page as well.  Not all of them were done in November 2010, but they didn’t really fit in with the rest of the site, so were declared “old” even if they weren’t.  I sometimes post these as “ads” on my sidebar towards the bottom, so be sure to check the sidebar!

Hopefully you guys like these “Old School” posts since it’s a lot easier to write than if I have to spend a few hours in the garage for each of them!


  1. Cool MAME controller.
    This is a great blog, thank you.