Summer Garage-Shop “Upgrades”

box-fanSo happy Independence Day for the roughly 40% of my visitors that live in the United States as I do.  For that somewhat larger percentage of the visitors that live in the Northern Hemisphere, it is summer, and where I live, it is smoking hot.  Here’s a few “upgrades” to my garage that have been made to make it more bearable:

My most recent upgrade was this box fan that I got from the local hardware store.  At under $20, it’s no AC unit, but it might make things feel a little cooler.  It still seems pretty sweltering though.  of course I still had the mosquitoes to deal with…

Fcitronella-candleor this I bought Citronella candle just after Memorial day.  It was cheaper than the normal one possibly because they were (ironically today) trying to sell off their American Flag themed version.  Maybe there will be another discount on July 5th.  The candles say not to use them indoors or in a garage, so I put it near the entrance in the hope that it would form a “mosquito barrier.”  Not a great one as I’m still getting eaten, but it seems a little better, and there is always the spray on stuff.

Conditions were getting pretty a bit unbearable in the garage (at least by my standards), so hopefully the fan and bug repellent will help me deal with it.  As hinted at earlier, I’m working on a rather large robot by my hobby standards, and of course I’m always thinking of new ways to use my CNC router (or fixing/modifying it).  So I should have some good projects coming up, but only if I can get past the 100 degree plus heat!

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