Super Easy 2×4 Business Card Holder

card-holder-completeI recently went to the NC Maker Faire in Raleigh, which meant a lot of preparation in order to make my table look presentable.  Along with some other stuff (like a spray-paint stencil), a business card holder seemed like a good idea since I’d had a bunch of them printed out.

I originally tried to make one with my CNC router out of plywood, but after a few tries of apparently too-aggressive cutting, I decided to instead use my manual mill and a 2×4 to crank one out.  After a coat of stain and lacquer, this actually looked really good!  If I was a bit more ambitious, I would have engraved it with my router.

As for how I actually made this business card holder, I cut a 2×4 to 2 1/2 inches in length with my miter saw (both available on my “astore” along with other awesome stuff that I use).  I then simply milled a slot down the middle with a 1/2 inch milling bit to around a 3/4 inch depth.  This didn’t seem quite wide enough, so I took a few more passes making it around 3/4 inches.  None of this was measured, but it turned out pretty well.

I then sanded the block, applied some wood stain then sealer that I had left over from another project.  After letting it dry, it looked quite good.  I managed to give away around 150 business cards at the Maker Faire, so maybe this little guy helped.  Considering you could make nearly 40 of these from a 10 foot 2×4 I’d say it was definitely worth the material cost!

If you’re interested in seeing some pics of the Maker Faire, check out this post!

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