Raleigh Maker Faire 2012 Pictures

jcopro-table-setup-maker-faire-raleigh-2012I’ll be doing several posts on Hackaday about the Faire, but I thought I would put up some pictures that may or may not end up there.  As mentioned before, the Raleigh Maker Faire 2012 was an extremely cool event, and I enjoyed meeting everyone that I talked to there!  Kevin Gunn was a great host, as were the Raleigh fairgrounds.

I put quite a few pictures after the “read more”, so be sure to check them out.

One thing I though was funny is that people would sometimes ask “what are you selling?”  Of course most of my equipment is for sale at the right price (any offers?), but if you want to support me doing random stuff like this and publishing it for your enjoyment, be sure to click on any of the links or ads pointing to Amazon on this site, then buy something there (anything, not just what you clicked on).  Some people have a “donation” button, I have that.

It doesn’t cost you anything unless you consider that it will eventually be reflected in everyone’s prices in the long run.  Or maybe that’s already reflected in the price…  Maybe I have a tendency to express things too literally.

Either way, I hope I got to see you in Raleigh this year.  Be sure to follow this site using your preferred method like Twitter, or Feedburner.  Also, check out my first Raleigh Maker Faire post here.  It gives links for the different projects I had on display.


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