Foam Gears and Other Foam Cutter Refinements

I recently tried to produce gears using a wooden gear as a template that was originally used for my first radial engine model.  Since I now have a better working “engine”, this wasn’t a huge sacrifice, but the first model may never again be used.  As seen in the video below, the results were less than stellar gear-wise, but worked somewhat:

In the process of doing this, I added an actual bed to my hot wire cutter, which should improve the accuracy of my cuts considerably.  As easy as it was, I should have done this to begin with.  I just used a small piece of MDF (wow, I really did a post on that?) that I keep for router tasks, and put a slot in one side with my chop saw.  Two small nails finished this “build”, but if you’d like to see how the rest of the frame was made, check out this post.  There’s some pictures of the foam gear “build” after the “more” thing if you’re interested.

In conclusion, I think there are better uses for a hot foam cutter, but considering I’m using left over packing material, there’s no harm in experimenting!


  1. Interesting idea, but I don’t think those gears could deliver any significant torque.