Experimental Throwie Designs

Sure, a throwie may not be something that needs much design work (see my first post about building a traditional throwie).  It’s just a LED, battery, magnet, and tape.  However, I’ve never been one to settle for un-over-engineered designs, especially when they have no noticeable purpose besides my making enjoyment.

So here they are, my experimental (advanced?) throwie designs.

Ping-Pong ball “Placie”

ping pong ball placie throwie on fridgePing-pong balls make light diffusers, so why not tape a throwie inside of one through a hole cut with pliers, or even drilled using my custom fixture?  The answer that is now obvious to me is – because they done stick well when thrown.  Because of this, I have decided to call this a “placie.”  I doubt that name will stick, but the ping-pong ball makes a really cool diffuser, so I’m not calling this one a total loss yet…

No-Tape Throwie

no-tape-throwie-with-2-battery-throwieWhat if you lived in a world where tape hadn’t been invented.  You would only have access to coin-cell batteries, Neodymium magnets, and LED lights.  And the Internet of course.  Because of this possibility I invented the tapeless throwie.  Just use four small round rare-earth magnets, two for each side.  Roll your LEDs ends up into circles so that the magnets sit well between the two and stick them on either side of your coin cell battery.

This throwie has the advantage of not having tape in between your magnet and metalic sticking surface, but the disadvantage of being knocked off sometimes.  The next design solves some of these problems.

Hybrid 6-Magnet Tape-Based Baper-Switch Throwie

tape buckyballs paper switch throwieThis throwie design has the advantage of the most words in it’s name, as well as the most features.  It’s made by building a “no-tape throwie” with a strip of paper between one of the magnets and the battery.  A small piece of tape is then wrapped around the throwie, and another magnet is placed on top of the tape on each side.

The light will not come on until the paper is pulled, giving you ready-made illumination.  The tape keeps everything secure, while the additional magnets cause it to stick to your surface very easily.  These designs are all cool, but check out my next post for the “Ultimate Long-Range Throwie!”


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