USB Key Fob, 2 1/2 Years Later

Most of the stuff I make featured on is a prototype at best.  Some stuff develops into a really good prototype, like my PegLeg hexapod, but others barely make it off the drawing board, like my first angular momentum device.

There are a few though, that actually turn out pretty usable.  The USB key fob that I made nearly 2 1/2 years ago has been one of those items.  After living in and out of my pocket, and attached to my keychain most of the time, I’ve been impressed with it’s resiliency.  I can’t take any credit for how well the thumbdrive (here it is from Amazon) held up, but the “fob”, or Surgeon’s Loop knot and noose that attaches it to my keys, maybe I can take a little credit for that.

pny usb key fob by itself

Key fob when the original article was written (had been used for a while already). Not many changes.

The cord is a bit worn, but the knot didn’t come undone.  I’ve actually started using Dropbox quite a bit (see my review for a 500 MB referral bonus – here), so I don’t carry it all the time, but for those that want a couple of gigabytes of storage at your fingertips, this project is highly recommended.

Oh, and thanks to my Dad for introducing me to the Surgeon’s loop knot many years ago!


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