CodeKase, A Used Car Dealership Gift to You!

codekase light onToday I was asked if we should toss an advertisement from a car dealership.  It had some sort of key thing attached to it, so instead of just throwing it away, as was my first instinct, I decided to investigate further.

Apparently the “key-thing” was a “CodeKase”, which makes a number light up when the tag is pulled.  This works like a flashlight (it is a LED light), and the components inside are two batteries, a little LED, and a diffuser.

To take one apart, all you really have to do is pry the top from the bottom.  I didn’t even have to use a screwdriver, but a small one could be used if you’re having difficulty.  Once this is off, you can simply peel the numbers off if desired, reinsert the rectangular diffuser, and push the case back together.  Everything should light up so you can do whatever you want with a little glowing diffuse LED light.

As for what you would do with a little diffuse LED light, my first thought was light painting.  I’ve done this with a CNC router, but what I was really thinking about was hooking it up to my radial engine model and seeing what cool shape came out.  Some of the results can be seen in the gallery above, but check back (or subscribe) to see a full write-up on the radial engine light painting experiment.


  1. Light Painting Using a Radial Engine Model | JCOPRO.NET - pingback on April 25, 2012 at 8:15 pm
  2. is there a way to hack it to display a different number??

    • The only way I could see to do this is to replace the film that was peeled off with your own custom-numbered film. If you used clear tape and wrote on it, that might do the trick, even if it wasn’t particularly neat.

  3. I just got one of these in the mail and I’m not exactly surprised to report that it has the exact same number as yours.

    • Haha, wow, I guess they had to replace the winning one that I got… Apparently 508343 is the lucky number!

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  5. 508343 for me too. Thanks for the free LED and batteries, Lee Auto Mall.

  6. I just received one too.
    From the crappy Dodge dealer that sold us my wife’s crappy Dodge.
    The lucky number matches, and according to the mailing, I’m guaranteed a prize!
    Unfortunately, 2 of the 5 prizes are for “scratch off tickets” and not the state lotto kind.
    I’m going to guess that’s my prize that If I add a dollar to it, I can buy a can of soda.

  7. What concerns me is that all these batteries are going in the regular trash!

  8. Our number was 957846…huh…i guess were the odd ones….

  9. That would be really cool to hack it and display a different number.

  10. Today, I received the weirdest junk mail from Ford dealer. Codekase “957846”. Have you guys seen a Codekase number where it doesn’t match your number?

  11. Here is one that is different but the same. It came in the mail attached to a large card also from a car dealership.

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