Install an Audible Alarm on Any Safe!

A very large sturdy safe

If you own a safe that looks like this, a little window alarm might be overkill. Also difficult to disguise as laundry.

So you bought a little fire safe to protect your valuables and documents from water or fire.  In the back of your mind, you might think this would protect them from burglary, but in my non-law-enforcement and non-criminal (mostly) mind at least, this would make anything inside of the little safe more of a target.

If the safe is small enough that a thief could simply carry it off, one might be better off disguising it as, say, a pile of wrapping supplies or linens in a closet.  There is also the option of a hollowed out book, or fake shaving cream can etcetera, but this doesn’t really solve the fire problem, or what to do with documents and other non-tiny valuables.

Besides disguising your safe, one other option that will at least make it a bit more annoying to steal it would be to put an audible vibration alarm inside of it.  All that you will need is your safe and a window vibration alarm like the one listed below (Amazon is listed as the supplier, but your local hardware store may have something similar as well).  The Doberman model listed is super-easy to use as you can just peel the backing off and stick it to an interior surface of your choosing.  I would recommend not putting the alarm on the hinge, as it’s hard to open it without setting of the alarm.  It’s quite loud at 95 decibels, although your safe will muffle the sound somewhat.

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fire safe

A good candidate for the window alarm. Or you might think about a better safe if you're worried about burglars...

The other option is to install a door-opening alarm on the safe by sticking it on a wall behind where it sits.  Stick the other side to the safe in a position where if it’s moved it will go off.

This has the advantage of being louder as it’s not safe-muffled, and it doesn’t have to be jostled around, just moved from your selected position.  The obvious disadvantage is that it can simply be turned off, but there’s nothing preventing you from using both types.  I found a “combo-pack” that had both types of alarms in it at my local hardware store, so you might check there.

In a house, either of these methods might only annoy a burglar, but If you live in an apartment or dorm room, this could be enough to actually scare off a would-be thief since others might hear the sound.  This is, of course, no substitute for a proper safe bolted to something secure, but for every second someone spends dealing with the alarm, that’s one less second available to steal your stuff.  It might even be enough time for the police to arrive, or for the thief to reconsider the burglary, but if you’re counting on this, you would probably be better off installing an actual home security system!

On the other hand, these alarms have some serious hacking potential, so don’t be surprised if they show up again at some point on!

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