Ubuntu Conversion Month 3.5 – Printing Stuff

computer printerI’ve been using Ubuntu for around 3 1/2 months, and you might be surprised to know that I tried printing something for the first time yesterday.  I expected some problems with drivers when using a printer, or at least some setup time, but was quite surprised to find that I simply plugged the HP Officejet J4680 All-in-One printer/scanner combo’s USB cable and it popped up on the screen as having found it!

Still not believing things could be that simple, I tried printing a document off of LibreOffice containing both text and a black-and-white picture.  To my surprise, everything worked exactly as it should, printing everything out!

Once this was done, I had to sign this paper and scan it in.  I didn’t think this would work at all, but I opened a program installed on my system already called “Simple Scan.”  I then hit “scan,” and, as the name would imply, it simply scanned the image.  It came out with more of a border than I would like, so I used GIMP to crop everything like I wanted it using the “crop to selection” command.

Really easy.  Yet another thing that people might be fearful of when converting to Ubuntu Linux, but, at least with the Officejet J4680, it was no problem at all!  Truly plug-and-play!  Be sure to check out the whole series on my conversion to Ubunu!

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