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Another Shop Vac Muffler – Less Difficult, More Foam!

foam-baffle-muffler-shop-vacOnce I had my ZTW foam cutter working (here’s my original post), inspiration immediately struck!  Why not make a muffler with foam baffles to bounce the air and sound around before leaving into the atmosphere?  With the foam cutter and some Styrofoam that an item I recently purchased was packaged in, this was really easy to do.

As seen in the pictures after the “more”, I traced the inside of some 4 inch PVC pipe that was used in my original cloth-based muffler to the Styrofoam.  Using this pattern, I then cut out four foam baffles to make the air snake around in the muffler before hitting my ears.  The holes cut out were then used as spacers between the baffles, and everything was attached with a cord to keep things in their respective positions. Read more »

Light Painting Using a Radial Engine Model

After posting about my radial engine model (see this post), someone commented that if a light was hooked up to it, it might make some cool light-images.  I’d considered this, but generally put it on the back burner since I didn’t have a ready-made light source for it.  After one was fortuitously sent to me in the mail by a car dealership, the time seemed right to take these photos.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but the pattern would be consistent with what, I suppose, would be happening at some point between the crankshaft and piston in an internal combustion engine’s connecting rod.

Pretty neat images.  As with most of my latest photos, I’m using Read more »

CodeKase, A Used Car Dealership Gift to You!

codekase light onToday I was asked if we should toss an advertisement from a car dealership.  It had some sort of key thing attached to it, so instead of just throwing it away, as was my first instinct, I decided to investigate further.

Apparently the “key-thing” was a “CodeKase”, which makes a number light up when the tag is pulled.  This works like a flashlight (it is a LED light), and the components inside are two batteries, a little LED, and a diffuser.

To take one apart, all you really have to do Read more »