Announcing an “aStore,” (A Store?) on!

Amazon package smashed

Hopefully your stuff won’t be smashed, but Amazon supposedly has great customer service for returns!

Since this site is paid for by various advertisements, including items purchased through, I thought it would be nice to have a place where you could purchase things used on this site.  To this end, I’ve set up a “store” page where you can get some of the stuff used here, or maybe even get some new ideas on things that would be interesting to buy for your own project.

I certainly love when people buy any Amazon items off of, but I’ve only included things on my aStore that I’ve personally used, have been pleased with, and are related to stuff I write about here.  As of now there are categories for electronics, tools and mechanical components, and books.  The books aren’t necessarily directly related to projects here, but I’ve tried to only list the ones that have to do with hacking or making stuff.  This could be something “inspirational,” like “My Tank is Fight” or “Neuromancer,” to something more practical like “The Machinery’s Handbook.”

So be sure to check the store outIf you’re shopping for anything else on Amazon, just click on any of the links to Amazon (like this one) listed on Jcopro to shop through this site and support me in my quest to build random awesome stuff for my and your entertainment!

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