Use Multiple Workspaces in Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu logoAs of the publishing of this article, I’ve been using Ubuntu Linux for over 3 months.  Although I certainly don’t know everything, the OS now seems natural to use, and I really don’t miss Windows anymore.  I find myself looking for things in the wrong place on my Windows XP machine at work, but not too much.  Probably an unavoidable side effect of using multiple OS’s.

One function that seemed strange and possibly a bit useless was the fact that you can use multiple workspaces with Ubuntu.  This is similar to having a dual-screen setup in Windows XP, except the taskbar and everything else is totally separate.  In a way it’s more like having two computers.

After ignoring it for a while, and asking the question “what is this good for?” on Reddit, it finally clicked that I could use multiple windows instead of maximizing and minimizing windows all of the time.  This is especially useful when trying to work on something that’s dependent on another window, like a website review, or using a template to type something up.  It’s also great if you’re downloading something in one window, and want to, say, play Hedgewars in the other.  After getting used to it recently, I’m really starting to like this feature, and I see it as an advantage over Windows XP.  I didn’t make it, but here’s a video showing off these features:

If you’re considering switching to Ubuntu from Windows, this probably isn’t going to make up your mind, but it’s a useful feature, and one that I’ll probably take advantage of more and more in the future.  If you’re wondering what it’s like to switch, check out my posts on converting from the start.

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