“Birth of PVC-Man” Stop Motion Animation Preview and Older SMA Review

I’vestop motion animation gif been working on some other projects (Mostly a Shop-Vac mount for my CNC router), but I made this “PVC-Man” stop motion animation video and wanted to give a preview.  I’ll post about how I made it and a Youtube video eventually (Edit: here it is!), but  for now, here’s a little animated gif file.  Sign up for the RSS feed so you don’t miss anything!

As for how I made this gif/video, check out my tutorial about using GIMP to make animated gifs with GIMP.  If, however, you’d like to see my other stop motion animation shorts that I’ve done, check the “more” button to see them all!

First off is the most popular stop motion video that I’ve done, along with Jason Underwood (hear his podcast).  He also contributed to the “PVC man” previewed above.  Named “Droid Hotdog”, it’s pretty funny, if not too long.  Here’s the original article on how it was made.

Next is a the first animation that I did (using my Env2 with a “custom mount”).  It was featured in the same article as the hot dog post.

After being inspired by some other animations on Youtube, I decided to make an animation using Post-It notes.  Turned out pretty well!

Finally, I did yet another collaboration with Jason which actually us or our hands doing some “stop motion acting.”  It’s about crushing stuff.

As mentioned at the beginning, check out how to make this “PVC-man” and a larger/actual video.  Or just subscribe – as also mentioned earlier