A CNC Mount for a Shop Vac Nozzle

After simply hanging a Rigid Vacuum hose next to my CNC router to pick up excess dust, I decided that it was time to actually make a system that worked.  Here’s a video of my new Shop-vac Hang On rig being tested, and then sucking up some polycarbonate chips on my router table:

To do this, I used the following:

  • Shop Vac Hang-up
  • Piece of 3/8 inch polycarbonate (DXF and Gcode provided at the end)
  • 6-32 screw

Pretty simple really.  The polycarbonate material was cut into a shape resembling a figure-8 with one “0” bigger than the other.  One circle was cut to go around the motor and the other was cut smaller so that the Shop-vac hose could slide in tightly.  This hose gets narrower towards the end, so it slips in easily, but fits tightly when fully inserted, so you don’t need to use a set screw or anything to secure it.  The motor side slides in between the two brackets, and a 6-32 screw in the side is used to fasten it.

With that being said, I wish I’d done it earlier.  As promised, here’s a DXF for the design, and the Gcode to go along with it.  I had to run the router at a slower speed to cut the polycarbonate – around 9 IPM – as the bit was bending using a faster speed.  The bit seemed dull, so that may have been the problem.  If using the Gcode provided, the speed is set higher than this, so you may have to make some adjustments.

I should note that although this vac is meant to be stored on the wall, I’m not sure it’s designed to be used there, so use your own judgement.  Be sure to screw it into studs.  Also, it’s quite loud, but I have a solution that I’ll talk about in two upcoming posts, so be sure to check back or subscribe!


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