Change your CNC Router Jog Speed with Mach3

mach3 without jog screen shown

No jog control screen

So how does one change the jog speed on their Mach3 powered CNC machine?  By default, Mach3 sets the jog speed to whatever the maximum surface speed that your machine is programmed to via motor tuning.  If you want to slow things down temporarily, say to zero an axis, just do the following:

  1. Hit the TAB key
  2. On the new menu that pops up, adjust the percentage shown in the picture to the right.
  3. Use the keyboard arrows or GUI buttons on this pop out window to move your cutting/extruding head around.
mach3 with jog screen tab pressed

Hit "tab" and the jog control screen appears

That’s really it, note that this doesn’t affect the surface speed when moved using Gcode, so if you’d like to leave the jog speed set to 50% to keep you from bashing your machine around under your own control, this isn’t a problem.  You can also set the jog to “step” which will make things go in little increments every time you press the arrow key.  This could be useful, although I haven’t yet taken advantage of it.

This solution is probably obvious to most people.  After not finding a good answer on Google search and trying to adjust the speed on the main screen for a while, I thought this little post might answer some noob questions.

Probably more of an issue if you’re using the F8 leadscrew as it’s much faster.  Here’s my last post about installing these screws, with a handy comparison to what the speed was like originally.


  1. Matheson Harris

    Thanks for this post (almost 5 years later). It was just the answer I needed.