Clemson Freeride 2012 Pictures

This isn’t really the subject matter of this blog generally (it’s about various stuff that I make), but here’s some pictures that I took of the 2012 Clemson Freeride event.  If you want to poke around, you might like: my CNC-stenciled Clemson bleach T-shirt, engraved Clemson HDD clock, or the little bike jump I made in my back yard (you may be disappointed if you’re a freerider). 

Thanks so much to the people that put the event on, and as always, those who build and maintain the park!  Great event guys, I had an awesome time watching!

Pictures after the break:

Feel free to use these pics for whatever you want, but if you want to give me a link back on your blog, that would be appreciated!  Maybe next year I’ll actually race…


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