Orgainize your Garage with the FastTrack Rail System

fast track rail system above milling machine

Add some pegboard behind your worktable and you're good to go with the wire racks!

With all the stuff I make shown on this site, three surfboards, a mountain bike, milling machine, and CNC router, one might assume that I have a gigantic garage or basement.  Although that would be nice, our house has a two car garage that we generally park two cars (a car and a truck) inside and no basement.  The one advantage that I do have over many medium-sized garages is that the ceiling is very high at 11 1/2 feet.

With this garage height advantage, pretty much all my other tools and gear is stored on the walls using the “Fastrack” garage orgainization system from Rubbermaid.  The above link is for an 8 piece kit from Amazon, but if you look at the “also bought” section, everything you need should be there.  The big exception would be my surfboards, where I instead used this triple rack, although this quad-rack from rack by Surfdogz looks like it might be even better.  I would think racks like this would also work nicely with skis and kneeboards if the shelves were placed close together.

fast track wooden rack rail finished

Wooden Fast Track shelves work well too

As shown a the top of this article, the Fast Track system has wireframe racks that can be attached to it, as well as wooden racks shown to the right.  Also seen in the upper picture is a holder that we used for brooms, mops, and a leash for little Evie (a dog).  They also have some attachments for holding ladders and weed-wackers, however my machete is held up with a simple nail.  Nails still have their place.

These racks aren’t cheap, but it’s a fairly complete system and very expandable.  When you consider how much a house or garage costs to build per square foot, paying $50 or so to clean up several square feet of floorspace seems like a relative bargain.

fast track rails holding mountain bike and gear

A variety of stuff hanging shown here including my mountain bike

The other question is how do you install these things?  I’ve installed five sets of these rails for hanging everything from a ladder to lawn tools, to my bike, saving an incredible amount of space.  Be sure to check out this post to see how these rails are installed!


  1. so i don’t have a garage, but our pantry is stocked with more tools and gear than it is food. as a matter of fact, i think the only food in there is bird food. great ideas here. i need to torment hubby now about implementing them. thanks! and thanks for stopping by!

    • Ha, well Ironically I don’t have a pantry (unless you count our laundry room). These things are great, especially for a tall garage, but I suppose they’d do well in a big pantry too!

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