Review and Use of The RC-6 Remote Camera Trigger

Light painting before using a remote trigger

I’ve finally had a chance to use a remote trigger (see my light-painting writeup) for my Canon T2i camera, and it’s been by far the best camera purchase that I’ve made since getting a DSLR (RC-6 from Amazon).  The main purpose of this device is so one can take a photo of yourself/family/friends/whatever without having to use the timer if you want to be in the shot.

Surely it works well for self-portraits, buy my interest was more for taking long-exposure shots without touching the camera.  The T2i is limited to a 30 second exposure unless you want to use the “bulb” setting.  Under normal circumstances, this allows you to hold down the shutter for as long as you want to take a picture.  This feature is tough to use effectively, since if you do this by hand things will be shaky.  With this IR remote, all you have to do is press the button once to open the shutter, and once to close it, all without ever touching the camera.

Looking at the before and after photos, there’s quite a difference even without the expanded canvas.  Even for traditional photography, especially when using a long exposure, there could be an obvious benefit to not having to touch the camera.

Pacman CNC light painting

After using a remote trigger

One thing to note on this is that the T2i (as well as other Canon DSLRs I’d assume) has the IR receiver on the front of the camera.  One has to position the IR transmitter in front of the camera, but this can easily be at an angle out of the shot.

To set up remote shooting for the Canon T2i, you’ll have to go into the “Drive Mode” screen by pressing left directional button next to the LCD screen (see page 70 in the manual).  From here, select the middle icon for “remote trigger.”  If you want to use the bulb setting, switch the selector on the top of the camera to “manual” then set the exposure dial to “bulb” (see 83/84 in the manual).

All said, I’d definitely recommend this device.  The build quality seems good, and considering how simple it is (just an IR remote), I would hope it will last a long time.  It seems a shame not to have something like this since the T2i, and some other cameras have the receiver already built in.


  1. thx. i purchased rc -6 a year ago and never used…now i have reason to test out..ill show u some photos of time square as i am going out there tonight

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