CNC Engrave a Nylabone

nylabone CNC engraving setup before cutsIf you have a dog that likes to chew everything to bits, and a CNC router, what is the logical project to do?  An engraved Nylabone of course!  Although our dog can make quick work of nearly any toy, Nylabones (available from Amazon) seem to be the only thing that up to her persistent onslaught.  She does eventually destroy them, but they last more than a few minutes as with everything else.

My thought was that engraving one of these would be easy.  That’s not necessarily the case.  In my first try, I both made the lettering too small and took .005″ per pass using an engraving bit.  From a pure marking standpoint, it worked, but when using this bit, the material tends to get pushed up instead of being cleanly cut off.  Another try with larger lettering and a .002″ per pass cut produced somewhat better results, but it still “pushed” the material.

Maybe I’ll come back to this project and try using a router bit instead of a pointed engraving bit.  For now though, it seems that the same properties that allow it to stand up against a dog’s constant chewing, makes it harder to machine than I anticipated.  On the other hand, I’m quite impressed at how easy it was to fixture everything using my custom mount described in this post.  Seriously, if you have a little CNC router, it’s worth checking out.

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