A Super Neodymium Power Magnetic Finger

So I received a “Turnpro Magnetic Finger” for Christmas this year. The finger is well constructed and probably works well for it’s intended purpose of picking up screws and other small metallic parts. The magnet is strong, but it could be stronger…

Fortunately for me, I do have some rudimentary sewing skills, and a supply of super-powerful neodymium magnets that I harvested while mining hard drives for “platter clocks.”  Sure, the finger was functional, but that rarely stops me when a possible improvement is there to be made.  As can be seen from the Youtube video above, construction is quite simple, and the results are pretty amazing.

This is a simple project, and if you want to “follow along” you’ll need the following:

  • A magnetic finger or thin glove
  • One Neodymium magnet (or more!)
  • Super Glue

Turn the glove or magnetic finger inside out as shown in the video and super glue it into the pocket.  Turn it the correct way again and you’re ready to use it to pick up everything from forks to cookie sheets!

I haven’t tried it, but this would also probably be a good use for “Buckyballs” neodymium magnets – see my review here.

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