CNC Light Painting: Vast Improvement Using a Remote Trigger

Up until now, my light paintings have been shaky or very small.  That all changed when I bought a remote trigger from Amazon (for around $5 with shipping!).  I’ll give more information about this little device on this in another post, but for now, here are my results:

CNC light painting "JCOPRO.NET'jCOPRO.NET logo, of course this had to be first.  As you can see, there is a shadow behind it that I plan on minimizing by either some shrink wrap around the LED, or maybe some a black background around the light.  Either way, there is still some room for improvement.  The second one, is a Clemson Tigers logo:

"Go Tigers" light painted logo

I was quite happy with how the paw details turned out considering my “Y-axis” canvas was only 2″ high (see my other posts for a better explanation).  The third CNC light painting was from a video game that anyone should recognize, Pacman!

Pacman CNC light paintingI was extremely pleased with these results (see my first light-painting post for a comparison), but there is still more to be done!  First, the artifacts need to be eliminated as discussed earlier.  Secondly, I’m getting a full “F8” lead screw set for my router soon (I have one on the X-axis as shown here).  This should make things much faster, so I can control the lighting better.  I’ve also got an idea of how to change the colors mid-photo, but I’ll have to work out exactly how to do that.

CNC light paiting setup "JCOPRO.NET"Finally, I’ve been thinking about ways to superimpose some sort of background, possibly using a double-exposure technique.  I have no idea how to do this, but then again I had no idea how to make a CNC router a year ago.  Be sure to check back, you never know what tomorrow brings for!


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  3. Very interesting technique for taking pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing some even more evolved designs – Multiple lights, colors, 3D!

    • Thanks! I’ve meant to do more of this stuff, and hopefully I will, but it seems there’s always some other interesting project to work on! Glad you liked it!

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