Ultimate LED Nerd Glasses: Part 3 – Mechanical and PCB Construction

Wnerd glasses with LEDs on it with no tapehen building something like this, the first question I ask myself is “how can I avoid making the wires into a rat’s nest?”  OK, maybe that’s not true if you look back at such projects as the Pegleg Hexapod or Boxie the Creepster.  However, this was a wearable hack and has a very limited space to work with, so wires going everywhere on one’s forehead wasn’t really what I had in mind.

Instead of wires running everywhere, I decided to make my own CNC-routed PCB.  What it amounts to is three separate lines of copper cut to approximately fit the bridge section of the glases in question.  I measured everything and used Draftsight (see my Windows DS review) to draw the approximate shape with lines separating it into three isolated sections.  The middle will act as ground and the top and bottom section act as the positive for each set of LEDs.  It turned out better than I expected, and is mostly covered by the glasses.

From Amazon: Nerd Glasses Buddy Wayfarer Black Frame Clear Lens

I have no idea what brand or make the glasses that I used were, but I’ve listed a link above to some that are similarly styled from Amazon.  I’ve also listed the Gcode as well as the DXF that I used for this, but you should really verify that it’ll fit your glasses before doing it.  The picture below should give you a pretty good idea what I was going for.  An engraving bit was used to cut everything, but a small PCB mill would have probably been better, since that’s what it’s designed for.

Usually it would be pretty shabby to just attach something like this with duct tape to the glasses, but that’s the look I was going for.  The sides surround the hinges so with the tape in place, things sit pretty securely.  Nerd-styling is by it’s nature very adaptable, and it worked well in this case.

So, as promised, here’s a link to download the DXF file for this PCB as well as the Gcode I used.  It was cut with a Zen Toolworks 7×12 router using their engraving bit.  The PCB material that I used is available from Inventables.com.

Be sure to check out the first two posts featuring an introduction and video of it on my dog, and how the actual circuit is constructed.


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