Ultimate Nerd Glasses: Part 1 – Introduction

When someone thinks of “nerd glasses”, a certain image is generally conjured up.  Probably thick black glasses with possibly some duct tape holding them together at the bridge or other structurally-important point.  A true nerd, in my opinion, should probably integrate some sort of electronics, and possibly a CNC-cut circuit board to really show off their nerd credentials.

With that in mind, let me present the “ultimate nerd glasses”, which contain several nerd-friendly elements.  These include: the glasses themselves, LED lights and a CNC cut circuit board behind the bridge of the glasses.  There’s an animated .gif of the glasses in action by themselves after the break, but as for how to make one, two posts are forthcoming.  One will be about the circuit, and the other will be about how everything was machined and mechanically put together.

LED animated nerd glassesSo this post is really about the results and how it looks on my dog, Evie.  How it works will be explained soon, so be sure to either sign up for the RSS feed, or just check back obsessively if you’d like to see how it was made.  EDIT: See how the circuit was designed here and more info on the PCB here.  If you want to see my first try at CNC PCB milling, check out this post.

Also, the music on the video was from a group called “BOPD” off freemusicarchive.org.  It’s a great resource if you need some background music for a video.


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