Ever since I saw these things, I really wanted to get my hands on some.  Thanks to Getbuckyballs.com’s decision to send me some of their magnetic neodymium balls, my wish has been fulfilled.  Their generosity doesn’t just extend to me though, if you’d like to purchase some, just use the promo code “jcopro” to get a 15% discount yourself (good for the first 10 people)!

To start off with, here’s a video of me putting my Buckyballs back into a 6 x 6 x 6 cube:

Making a cube again can be pretty difficult the first time you try it, but if you follow along with the video, it should make things significantly easier.  One thing to take notice of is that when you’re trying to make the ring wider, be sure everything lines up straight and isn’t crossed.  You may have to deviate from the direction you were going to wrap in as it sometimes goes together easier in the other direction.

So, as for a review, playing with these things is pretty fun, and being able to actually make things with them can be a great distraction or stress reliever.  I’d recommend them for “date night” if it involves such movies as “The Holiday, or Sex and The City 2.”  After the title rolls, just pull your Neocube out and the next time you look up the credits will hopefully be rolling.  Seriously, these things are addictive, and if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself playing with them a lot while watching TV.

Besides the normal things you would do with neodymium balls, like smashing them, then assembling a new cube, or avoiding actual human interaction, there are quite a few other uses.  Buckyballs has their own list, but I thought of a few more:

  • Buckyballs and CardInvestment – Sure you could own Gold, but how much more fun would several hundred thousand Neodymium magnets be?  This may be a bit facetious, but with a possible shortage looming
  • Stencil Art – I intend to try this soon, but how could would a pattern of buckyballs look on a bleached T-shirt?  Or possibly some sort of spray paint template.  Maybe it could be the new Tie-die fad.
  • Make a motor out of it like in this video.
  • Enhance your gloves so that they can pick up lots of other stuff.
  • Replace your cheap refrigerator magnets with them.  Or if you really like the cute ducky with the weak magnet in it that keeps falling off of your fridge, just replace the magnet.

The balls have a warning on them to keep them away from children, presumably because they could swallow them.  I’d say keep them away from your dog too, since mine seems to eat nearly everything.  If you’re looking for a gift for someone that likes, well, random building toys, this would probably be a great place to start.  I’d recommend some spare balls, available here, since you may loose one or two while practicing.

If you notice that a particular person, if given a piece of paper, be it a program, church bulletin, or playbill, will fold it into random shapes by the end of the performance/service/sporting event, give this to them and they will play with it obsessively.  At least that’s been the case with me.


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