Some other Computer Parts I tried to Engrave

cd tiger paw engravingAfter engraving several hard drive platters, it seemed like I needed a new challenge.  This, or possibly I saw someone engrave a CD on the Zen Toolworks Forum and thought that I should do this too.  All I really was copy the Gcode from the “Tiger Paw” engraving and ran it with a CD instead.  This worked fine, but I should have really stretched the numbers/paw out if I was going to actually make a clock out of it.

I think the HDD clock is a little better looking, but considering the effort to “harvest” then engrave them, a “CD clock” might be a good alternative.  CDs might also make a cost-effective material for little cutout figures if no acrylic or other material is around.  I have an idea for one item that I’ll publish later this week…

The second thing that I thought would be fun to engrave was a stick of DDR RAM.  After taking apart my former HTPC computer, I kept some of the parts.  This was where the original HDD platter clock came from as well as this RAM.  After considering throwing the sticks away, trying to engrave them seemed like a good experiment opportunity.

This didn’t work out quite as well as I’d hoped.  The RAM would bend if fixtured on both sides, and after I made jig for it out of wood, it still seemed to slide around.  I think I was engraving too aggressively.  After working out that engraving HDD platters at .001 inch/pass worked well, it seemed like a bit heavier cut would be called for.  Maybe I overdid it.

Also, CAMBam seemed to be giving me some wack locations for the text.  I’ve noticed that sometimes the text location gets a little screwy between CAD and CAM, but I’m not sure if this is because of me or CAMBam.

All that said, I’ve given up for now on engraving RAM.  I’m not sure what I would do with it anyway, but if I think of a good purpose, this might make a reappearance.  For what it’s worth, here’s the DXF file that I attempted to engrave the RAM with.  If you’d like to know how the Tiger paw was made, just check out this post about how I generated the logo.


  1. Salvage a MB from an old PC and see if that’s able to secure the memory chips.