Yet another HDD Clock (A Clemson Tigers Logo)

Clemson University HDD clockAfter doing a UF and USF hard drive platter clock, I thought I needed to do one of my alma matter, Clemson University.  Sure, West Virginia just spanked our football team, but they’re still my school for better or for worse.  Here are the results:

I may try marking this one or another one with a paint pen. to make everything pop.  Unlike the UF HDD engraving that I did a while ago, I cut everything to a final depth of .005″ stepping everything by .001″ per pass.  The traverse speed was set at 30 IPM (inches per minute), but I’m not sure the router is actually capable of that.  Looks good and appears to have fewer burrs than my last try, where I took out .002″ per pass.

Because of this smoothness, I was able to use an orange paint pen on the engraving and wipe it off without too many fibers getting stuck on the edges.  Since the engraved surface is lower than everything else, the extra paint gets wiped off while the engraving is painted orange as shown in the photos below.

When engraving, I used a washer instead of a custom piece that I cut out of PVC to hold everything down.  It seems to work well, but I really need some sort of jig to accurately find the center of the disk.  A small carpenters square might work if I could get the angle consistent.

If you’d like to know how to turn your favorite logo into a .dxf file for CNC engraving, check out this tutorial that I made!  My HDD engraving has come a long way from the first one that I made with only 4 numbers (which may be on the back of the Clemson one!


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