This was the “Image of the Day” on Wikimedia. It needed some changes.

This image was on Wikimedia as the “Image of the Day.”  Using GIMP and Inkscape, I decided to make it a little more interesting (and animated).animated gif of ATST imperial "chicken walker" decloaking in the Grand Canyonif you’re wondering how this was done, read on.  I used Inkscape to generate the “transparent walker” seen in the third frame.  The AT-ST was imported into the program and then the “trace bitmap” command was then used to generate what you see.  It was then exported as a bitmap file again and imported as a layer into GIMP along with the background image of Bryce Canyon that you see.

After adding some details and using the paint fill command in GIMP, the fully “decloaked” walker was made into the fourth layer.  An explosion was sourced off of Wikimedia as well and shrunk into something that would fit well in the animation.  A laser blast was made with the “pencil” tool with it set to fade out.

The animation was made with GIMPI explain these techniques in an earlier post pretty well (with a step-by step video).  Once I had everything in layers, a .jpg file was generated for each frame by turning off elements as they were needed.  These jpegs were then imported into gimp as separate layers and animated as you see above.

It should be noted that Inkscape and GIMP are both open-source tools so they’re free to download.  I’m also using Ubuntu Linux as of 2 weeks ago, so all software used to make this animation cost zero dollars!  These techniques can be used for stop-motion animation, so be sure to check out some of my examples!

If you’re wondering, I have no idea who those people are, but I don’t wish a cloaked Imperial Walker attack on them and generally wish them the best.  Also, I’m in no way associated with Lucasfilm or Star Wars.

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