JCOPRO.NET 2011 Blogging Year in Review – Part 3: Goals for 2012

End of the world 2012. In this scenario, Jcopro will no longer exist.

Assuming the world doesn’t end in 2012, the following are my goals for jcopro.net for the year.  Feel free not to read this if you don’t care.

Traffic – I had several projects that boosted my popularity to begin with after being listed on some more well known DIY sites.  Many of these projects, as successful as they were, were built long before I had a blog to write about them.  Immediate traffic due to these killer stories was great, but for long-term success (however one defines it), it seems that one would need to have some good search traffic as well as people that checked out my blog over and over.

The good news is that being listed by larger sites helps me get ranked higher with search engines.  As of the end of this year, I’m getting around 100 hits per day on searches alone.  I also have some RSS subscribers, but how many is more difficult to tell.  The goal I’m setting for the end of 2012 is to have 350 visits per day brought in by search on most days.  Total hits per day seems to be around 350-500 on a “normal” day.  My goal is 1500 for the end of 2012.

All that being said, my total hits for 2011 was just over 119,000 for the year.  I’m going to aim for 350,000 total pageviews for 2012.  Obviously, this is less than an average of 1500 per day, but I don’t expect to get this rate immediately (wow, if my traffic was modeled as an equation, this would be a good job for an integral).  These goals are somewhat pulled from my head.  However, I exceeded my goal of 1000 hits per “normal” week for the end of 2011 by a very good margin, so the 2012 goals are a bit more aggressive.

Ads – Users of websites generally love ads!  Not really, but writers of websites enjoy the money they bring in.  This year I basically made enough money to cover my hosting costs and a little more.  My goal for next year is 7 or more payouts from Adsense, which seems like a realistic goal if my traffic keeps increasing.

I’d like to take on some actual pay-per-month sponsors as well, so if you’re reading this and would like some extra exposure, check out some more details here.  I have had several companies support jcopro.net with free stuff which I appreciate very much as well.  My goal for 2012 would be to take on at least 2 sponsors in a pay-per-period format.

Anything else?  So as a reader, is there anything I should change for 2012?  Any particular project you’d like to see me take on, or possibly something about the site that’s been bothering you?  Let me know in the comments, I’d appreciate hearing from some of the readers.


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