JCOPRO.NET 2011 Blogging Year in Review – Part 1: Thanks!

As pretty much no one knows, this is my third attempt* at building a website, and by far the most successful.  For 2011, jcopro.net has gotten well over 110,000 pageviews, which is way beyond what I thought it would get as a way to chronicle my current projects, as well as those that I did years ago.  First of all, thanks to all my readers for making it successful!

Also, thanks to those that have supported this site in some way: Zen Toolworks, Mach3, Newark Electronics, Woodgears.ca, Inventables.com, and Servocity.com.  Wow!  Also, thanks to Google (heard of them?), for having a simple way to put adds on your site.


my MAME setup playing SFII

The first project on Jcopro, “Wireless MAME controller”

Finally, thanks for those that contributed with articles: “Dr. Zero”, and Jason Underwood.  And finally, my sincere appreciation to all the sites that decided to link to my articles – too many to name (Nearly 70, apparently)!

*4th if you count jprojects.wordpress.com which was pretty much just jcopro.net before I decided to register the domain name.  The first attempt was a kind of online resume “JCook’s Projects”.  They’re both still up, but haven’t been updated for quite some time.  Here’s the link for “Wireless MAME Controller” if you’d like to check that out.

I plan to do a couple more end of the year posts, so stay tuned!

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