Ceiling Mount Your TV and Roku Box, Part 2 (The Roku Player)

Roku perched on top of TV Roku players are neat little devices as I’ve recently found out.  Setup was very easy, just select the network and put in your password.  I did find it a bit annoying that it required a credit card (since I don’t plan to buy anything), but it accepts Paypal as well which, logically or not, I found to be a better option.  You’ll need a computer to do some of this.

The tricky thing is that if you’re going to be mounting your TV in space like I did, there’s really nowhere to put it.  You could just hang it on top of the TV as shown to the right, but if you want to proudly display your sweet setup, this will not do.

cuts for roku perch

The saw cut had to be extended to the left side to allow for the 6-32 screw to accomplish more bending.

My possibly overengineered solution was to make a little perch for it out of 3/8 inch polycarbonate that attached to the ceiling mount.  The Roku player is quite compact at around 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches and 1.5 inches in height, so this made the job fairly easy.  The only thing that wasn’t easy is that the shaft holding up my TV was .475 inches in diameter, not a standard screw size.

In order to get the right diameter hole, I used my CNC router to drill the hole at this exact dimension.  It worked well, but turned out to be more of a press fit.  I should have filed the inside, but instead just cut it out with a 1/2 inch end mill.  This made it way to big, so in addition to the planned clamping setup pictured to the right, duct tape was used as a spacer.  I think the hole should have been cut at around .480 inches, but this gives an alternative method for making this for those that don’t happen to have a CNC router (or boring bar) laying around.

Besides this diameter issue, installation was fairly easy.  The TV had to be removed for the mount to slip on, but really pretty painless.  If you feel like duplicating this project, I’ve included a DXF drawing for download of the design here.  If you want to see more, be sure to check out how I mounted the TV,


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  2. You realise that Roku doesn’t use IR and doesn’t need line of sight so you could have just velcroed it to the back of the TV…

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