GoAmateur: A Camera Mount for Your Bike from Scraps!

Exilim bike camera mountWhile expanding/riding on my “personal mountain bike trail”, inspiration struck.  In order to show everyone how awesome my jump/trail is, I need to have a camera mounted to my handlebars.  Sure, they actually make these for this intended purpose, but, as cool as they look, I don’t have $150 to plunk down on a low end “GoPro” camera.  The next best (in my mind best, but who knows in reality) thing I could think of was to mount my 5 year old Exilim Digital camera to the handlebars myself.

Most cameras, including the Exilim, use a standard 1/4 – 20 bolt to mount them to a tripod.  I had several of these laying around with their corresponding nuts.  Also, I had some scrap PVC material left over from building a speed control housing for my CNC router, so I came up with a quick mount for my Exilim.

Here’s what you’ll need to do this potentially camera-destroying hack:

  • 1/4 – 20 bolts, 1.25 – 1.5 inch length (2)
  • 1/4 – 20 nuts (3)
  • Washer (optional)
  • 1/8 inch PVC or other decently flexible material – enough for (2) 2.75″ x .75″ pieces.
  • Means for cutting a 1/4 inch hole through aforementioned flexible material.

Cut the pieces of material as mentioned then put a hole in them 3/8 inch from either side.  Put these two pieces on either side of your handlebars and bolt the back end down with one bolt/nut set.  Put the other bolt “thread up” through the front end and tighten this quite a bit with one nut.  Loosely place the second nut on the bolt until you have space to fasten your camera to it.  Optionally, you can use a washer on top of this nut to give the camera more support, but I haven’t tried this.

Thread the bolt finger-tight onto the camera then use the top bolt to lock it down.  This should give you a platform on which to video-tape your bike exploits if the camera is tough enough to take it.  Mine seems to not be given the wobbliness of the video and the fact that several screws on the case are missing.  I wouldn’t try this with a camera that you care about.


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