Ceiling Mount Your TV and Roku Box, Part 1 (The TV)

TV mounted to ceilingIt’s fairly common to mount a plasma or LCD TV on the wall, but you rarely see them mounted to the ceiling in a home environment.  It’s not something that’s needed too much, but the situation called for it in our case.  We also wanted to use a Roku player with it as well, so figuring a way to mount this that was accessible to an IR remote control was important and the only part that I had to “manufacture” myself.

The first step for this was to buy the components.  Although I’ve been very happy with Amazon.com for most of my electronics purchases, I used Walmart.com to buy the TV, mount, and Roku player.  Since I wasn’t quite sure how it would work in our house, it was nice to be able to return it to the store if needed.  Not that I enjoy going to any store…

So to ceiling-mount your TV like I did, you’ll need the following:

  • A TV (obviously)
  • A Roku player or other media-streaming device (optional)
  • A ceiling mount fixture – I used an “Arrowmounts” under cabinet/ceiling mount.  It includes hardware for mounting it under a cabinet, but not for the ceiling as far as I could tell.
  • Drywall anchor fasteners (3) and a wood screw – the inside of the fasteners could probably be used for this.
  • A custom-made shelf for your streaming device
  • Tools including, a stud finder, drill, and a Phillips-head screwdriver with a long shaft.

studs and drywall anchor for TV ceiling mountDrywall anchors might be able to support the full weight of your TV, but for safety, I would strongly recommend finding a stud and using this as a connection point for the hole closest to the pivot point.  If the studs run parallel to the mounting plate, a wood screw could be used in the front and back positions for a very sturdy mount.  Once you know where you’d like everything mounted, mark the holes using the template if included.  Drill the appropriate holes for the anchor fasteners, and a pilot hole (or two) for your wood screws.

Push the plastic part of your anchor fasteners into the ceiling, then place the anchor plate on the wall and begin screwing in the wood screw.  Once this is partially attached, screw the anchor fasteners in as well.  Tighten everything down.  Attach the TV using the VESA mount bracket and you’re done if you don’t have a Roku to install as well.

ceiling VESA mountIf you do have a media-streaming device like the Roku player, you’ll have to make a custom bracket.  Fortunately, I’ve designed one for you, so most of the mental heavy lifting is already done.  Be sure to check out the next post in this series where I reveal my amazing method for ceiling-mounting your Roku player!  Or if you’re not satisfied with using a Roku player, you can always check out how to use a PC to stream your media.

As for how I mounted my Roku player on this ceiling mount, check out this post about the sweet little Roku perch that I made!


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