Ready Made MDF Squares for your CNC Router Whims

This may be a very simple technique, but useful nonetheless.  MDF is cheap, your time may or may not be.  I’ve found that a good time-saving method for having the appropriate size MDF on hand for whatever you’re building is to cut it beforehand.  Home Depot (and probably other stores) sell sheets of MDF and other materials in 48″ x 24″ pieces.

Fortunately for me, I have a 7″ x 12″ router.  24″ cut into thirds (8″ each) and cut at 7″ on the other axis makes a very convenient way to have the wood that I need on hand when I need it.  Although I generally cut three at a time with a reciprocating saw/miter saw, if one were to cut the whole sheet, it would give you 18 workpieces.  Sure, I could just cut everything as it was needed, but sometimes you’d rather just start routing without having to do another operation as well.

I usually cut three pieces at a time and leave the rest intact as you never know what your next project will entail.  Simple, yes, but a good technique in my opinion.

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