An Electrical “Enclosure” for the ZTW Spindle Speed Control

The Zen Toolworks variable speed control board may be the controller for my spindle of choice (see a comparison of CNC router spindle choices) however, one thing that it lacks is a nice housing to fit everything into.  Well, lack no longer since if you have a CNC router, which you do if you need one of these, you can build one yourself.

To make this housing all you’ll need is a piece of PVC or other material and screws to attach everything together.  Each piece is 4″ x 3″, but the material will need to be around 7 x 5 inches to allow for some cutting clearance if both are cut together.  I used 1/8 inch thick PVC.  The screws needed are (4) x 4-40 to attach the board to the bottom and (4) x whatever you prefer for the standoffs.  Once you have these items, you’ll be ready to make your own.  Also, you’ll need a 4-40 tap and a drill press if you use my code instead of generating your own.

Although I’ve included the Gcode at the end of the article, you may want to slow your feed down a bit as it didn’t cut all that well in certain areas (.020 per pass were taken off the PVC).  It could be that the edges weren’t supported well enough.  I also didn’t cut all the holes out with my ZTW 7×12 machine that I could have, but circled them with the bit on one plate.  These were then drilled with my manual mill – still learning CAMBAM, so not everything is perfect yet.  I’d recommend using your own CAM software to generate the paths – use the included code at your own risk.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how things turned out considering I used scrap material that I had around the garage.  Could be better, but it looks much nicer than just hanging bare like in the last gallery picture!  See this post for how I wired everything up to begin with when I was using a Dremel Tool as the spindle.

So here’s the links: DXF used to make a ZTW spindle control housing – Gcode used to make a ZTW spindle control housing

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