A Free Monitor Stand from Your Engineering Catalogs

computer monitors supported by books

The correct way to utilize 2 monitors

As an engineer, I receive many catalogs each year.  Some get outdated, and some I didn’t want to begin with.  At 6’4, and with some back issues, the standard monitor stand just didn’t cut it for me height-wise.  I was having to look down all the time, whereas it would seem the proper ergonomic position would be for the monitor to be level with your natural eyeline.  The solution I came up with was to use these unused catalogs as monitor stand.

After installing this “book monitor stand”, my back feels much better.  I’ve also been doing some different exercises at home so that probably helped too.  Interestingly enough, one of the Industrial Engineers that I work with is 6’7″ and has his monitor at the standard height.  Apparently looking down on your monitor isn’t a problem for everyone. *Edit: he has a normal stand on his non-notebook monitor.*

On a side note, Misumi apparently now only publishes a metric catalog now which is under my monitor to the left.  If someone working there happens to read this, please start making an English catalog again.  I promise not to place it in the catalog Rurgatory that is my monitor stand!

books used as monitor stand

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