Avoid A Loose Collet Disaster with your CNC Dremel Tool Router!

MDF cut with loose mill

The results of a loose collet

A loose Collet may not be a big deal when using a Dremel tool by hand, but if you’re using it with a CNC router, there’s a good chance your tool will be ruined, and an even better chance that your part will be.  Here’s what my router bed looked like after a recent dropped-collet incident.  Looks like I’ll be milling the surface again to make sure everything is flat!

There are 3 ways to help avoid this:

  1. Tighten everything down with pliers or the included wrench.  This sounds simple enough, but things can appear to be secure without doing this.
  2. Use a 4486 Chuck – and tighten it down as in step #1
  3. Use Locktite 242 – I haven’t used this personally, but if you’re not going to be changing tools much, this may be a good solution.

TIGHTEN ME!No, there’s nothing revolutionary about any of this, but after smoking a Dremel 4000 (see how I made the mount for it) recently because of this issue, it seemed like a good thing to put out there.  So – TIGHTEN YOUR CHUCK/COLLET WITH SOMETHING OTHER THAN YOUR FINGERS when using your Dremel tool as a router.



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