A Mount for the Dremel 4000 On a Zen Toolwoorks Router

To save costs on my router when it was new, I used the Dremel 200 that I had around the house for the cutter.  It worked fine, but was quite noisy, and I seem to have a need to constantly upgrade everything.  I bought a Dremel 4000 hoping that it might be a drop-in replacement for the old one.  Unfortunately, the new moto-tool’s body had a bit larger diameter, so I was “forced” to design something new.  Here’s a video of the new holder being cut out of polycarbonate.  Make sure not to run too fast with it or the bit will bend:

My original mount for the Dremel 200 was made before having access to CNC machinery (the whole chicken-and-egg problem), but worked well.  As it so happened, [eric] decided to leave a comment on this site about his holder for the Dremel 300.  It looked like a good design, but needed a few modifications to use with the 4000 because of where the power switch is.  Also, I didn’t want to make a new backplate or bottom attachment (described here), so with a few tweaks I came up with something that would work for me.  I’m generally guilty of not researching things that people have already done, so thanks [Eric] for pointing out your excellent design!

I did have to modify the bottom bracket slightly to let the bottom end come out further.  The first picture in the gallery kind of illustrates why as it wouldn’t be at a straight angle otherwise.  Also, I didn’t make the slot for the front switch quite wide enough the first time, so that had to be taken out a bit.  Finally, the center hole was too big, so I wrapped the inside with a few layers of duct tape. For mods like that and making my original mount fixture, it’s great to have a small manual mill around.  Not everything has to be done with a CNC.

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Here’s a link to the .dxf file that everything was made off of.  I corrected the spacing needed for the switch, but the center hole is still made a bit large.

*So after I started writing this I managed to smoke my Dremel by not tightening the collet down enough.  Seriously, when playing with CNC, tighten your tools!


  1. Your dxf file is not downloadable.

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