Screw Extractors – Not Just for Broken Screws!

Screw extractors are meant to get screws out where the head has been stripped or even broken off.  With the invention of safety screws and those that have non-standard shapes, removing these buggers is another good use for them.  Also, as in the case of the hard drive disassembly seen in the video below, if you don’t have the correct driver (torx bit) and want to take the screw out anyway, just get out your extractor and a drill.  Hit the drill in reverse, and they’ll be gone in no time!

The way screw extractor work is by cutting into a screw with a counter-clockwise motion.  Most screws need to turn in

Screw extractor removing the cover of Glade Air freshener

that direction to be taken out, therefore the extractor will bite into the screws head – or what’s left of it – and loosen the screw as it tightens itself.  The screw will be damaged, but if you don’t care about the “health” of the screws after they’re taken out, a screw extractor on a drill bit makes quick work of expendable screws.

These have worked well for me with the hard drive that I took apart (seen in the video) and made quick work of several Glade Air Fresheners as well.

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