A Cloth Covered, Oriental-Style Lamp

I designed and built this light when I was in college.  It hadn’t been used in several years and was collecting dust and spiderwebs, so it was time to trash it.  The legs were unstable as well, so a better method of attaching them would be a good idea.  It may give you some ideas for a project, so here’s some pictures of it being disassembled for the trash.

There’s not really a lot more to this.  The wooden structure was cut with simple tools (I think a saw and Dremel tool).  It’d probably be much easier to make one now with the tools now at my disposal.  The wood dimensions were roughly 7 inches square and the overall dimensions of the lamp itself not including the legs was around a foot.  As can be seen from the pictures, notches were cut to help keep all the supporting beams in place.

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I doubt another one of these will be made by me in the future, but maybe this project will give others an idea of what to make.  It’s also a bit easier to get rid of something when you know you’ll have a record of it.

Go Tigers!

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