Cheap Component Finds

If you’ve been following for a while, you may remember a post about my favorite parts suppliers.  Here’s a couple things that I found at two of my most favorite suppliers: the electronics and crafts sections at the Dollar Tree and the side of the road.  Naturally, the side of the road features slightly lower prices than the Dollar Tree electronics/crafts section, but neither should break the bank.

So first off, this cube from the Dollar Tree looked quite ripe for poking LEDs into to diffuse light.  I just got an Arduino, so some combination of this Styrofoam cube thing, LEDs and the Arduino may be used for a crazy light thing.






The second treasure to be found at Dollar tree was this “quality” VoIP headset.  It sat nicely on my left ear, so if you are left-eared this may be the right headset for you.  Seriously though, I was shocked at how well this thing worked for $1 when making a voice call using Gmail.





Finally, a few months ago, I found this chair while walking my dog.  It was missing a leg support, which is probably why it was being tossed.  With a little cord though, it has worked nicely as something to sit on while working on projects.  Oddly enough I was considering actually buying a swivel chair at the time, so this saved me $20 or so.

So these components cost me $2 + tax, and I got some excercise.  Not bad!

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