Refinements to the Dremel 200 Zen Toolworks Mount

Original mount. The Dremel sits low enough that Z-axis movement is restricted.

At some point I’ll probably get around to buying a Dremel 300 for my machine, but in the mean time, my Dremel 200 mount wasn’t working quite as well as it should have.  The Dremel was mounted too high on the ZTW bracket, meaning to do anything useful I had to set the Z-axis zero higher than it should have been.  This was extremely useful when I had to put holes in the table itself for a workholder, but for normal use, things needed to be mounted lower.

At the time, I was having some issues with the Z-axis missing some steps toward the top of it’s travel, so that was part of the motivation for this.  As it turns out, after I added some 3-in-1 oil, things worked much better.  So a little oil = good. Another motivation for this was the original mount could have been held closer to the actual cutting tool, where the accessory screw threads are on the Dremel.

After some thought about how to accomplish what I wanted with as little work as possible, I came up with the following setup.  The top holder was kept the same, but the bottom was cut and tapped as shown for a 6-32 UNC bolt.  This allowed the Dremel to be locked down from the outside. Conveniently, the 6-32 holes on the sides that were used to fasten the mount to the ZTW Z-axis through holes fit on the structural screws.  I put a bit of a counterbore on the top of the Dremel thru-hole so it could be placed a little lower in the mounts while using the original screw holes.

On the other side, the ZTW “part # 16″ was tapped for a 10-24 bolt.  I usually use 10-32 bolts, but 10-24 is what I had available.  Also, what I had available was a 1” screw, so this had to be cut down to 3/4 inches.

The results are shown below.  With these two screws, adjustment could be made to keep the tool reasonably level.  When the 10-24 screw is set to the correct depth everything is then connected and the 6-32 screw is then used to secure the Dremel.





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Be sure to check out the original post on my mount for the original dimensions of everything.  Also, here’s how I set up the workbench for everything and still had room for a car in the garage.

Update 3/4/2012 – I’ve changed my spindle around a bit, check out my post about finding the right spindle for your router.


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