Servo City and off-the-shelf Servo Brackets

A "servo bracket" that I made. I Could have used some off-the-shelf brackets here.

Another title for this article could be, “The best way to point out there’s a better way to mount a servo”, or possibly, “How to win blog mentions and influence nerds.”  Nevertheless, after I wrote an article about “best suppliers for Robot Building…” ServoCity actually sent me a thank you note signed by their sales manager and marketing director.  The note in itself was quite nice (apparently notes are better than email sometimes), however, they also decided to include some servo mounting brackets for me to try out.

robot side view final assembly

More custom brackets. I would have probably done this one the same.

Not being well-informed enough about what is available for hobby servos, I didn’t know about these things.  Pretty simple really, just a bracket that allows a servo to be mounted on a flat surface with only some screws.  This would have really come in very handy with “Boxie the Creepster” (top picture), but I think things turned our well with “Pegleg” (second picture).

I really should have thought something like this existed, but I’ve been making do with whatever I could come up with in my garage.  Apparently these are “new and exclusive to ServoCity”, so I suppose I don’t feel too uninformed.

So I take several things from this:

1. If you treat your customers well (or poorly), they may write a blog article about your business later.  Also, if you send them a thank you note, and small prizes, they may write another article about that, so thanks, Servocity!

2. When building stuff, one should always see what others have done.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job with the servo brackets that I’ve built, but in some cases, an off-the-shelf part would have worked much better.

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As for other suppliers that have been quite generous, Zen Toolworks decided to send me one of their high speed lead screws. Can’t wait to try it out, as the speed difference between the one seen below and mine is quite amazing:

Although I feel like my knowledge (and machinery) is getting better all the time, I have a ways to go before my machine performs like this guy’s.


  1. Glad you received the letter and mounts! We appreciate your blog and your business!