The Disassembly and Destruction of a hard drive

So my trusty old HTPC died about a month ago after about five years of use.  Interestingly enough it only survived for a couple of weeks in a humid garage where I was going to use it to power my CNC router.  Let’s hope the “new” one that I got holds up a little better.

Having an outdated PC headed for the trash seemed like a great opportunity to take some stuff apart and play with it.  As seen here, this is me taking apart the hard drive.  It’s well-built and used Torx head screws to keep everything together.  I have a set of Torx bits somewhere, but using a screw extractor with my drill seemed like a better solution since they wouldn’t be put in again.  If you take one apart yourself, there may be a screw hidden under a label like mine was.

Also, I put a neodymium magnet on the platter to hopefully erase most of it.  Not sure if that will work, but I’m probably being paranoid anyway.

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