ZTW Router Finally Working

ztw full setupAfter quite a bit of work, my ZTW router is finally working!  All axes are functional, now I just have to learn g-code.  The Z-axis is a bit tight towards the top, but besides that it works very well.

As you can see, things are similar to the picture from the update that I last did on this build, but everything is laid out a bit neater and everything is zip tied.

Besides the monitor that hangs out a bit, the whole footprint for this setup is only 14″ x 22″ x 63″ high.  Hopefully it will be small enough that we can still park both cars in the garage.  I’ll do a post shortly about the setup of the “accessories” to this machine like the shelving I used, the electrical box, and computer.  Basically everything that you’ll need to set this up besides the ZTW kit itself.  Hopefully it will show you how to not make it look like a rats nest of wiring too.  I’ll also be doing a post about the troubleshooting that I went through to get this thing set up.




For now though, check out the video after the break of this router being tested:

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