How to Create a Nerd Trap

Although this site is generally friendly towards nerds, they can be a nusiance to some people at times, especially if you’re trying to throw a fun party.  They’ll start babbling on about who invented the transistor or talking about how they almost have their CNC router done.  If you want to avoid this social awkwardness, just install one of these nerd traps in a room isolated from the rest of the house.  If you have a pool house or outdoor shed, this would be an ideal spot.

First, cut a hole in the wall just large enough for someone to put their hands in.  Keep in mind that your targets will generally have smaller hands than average.  Having AV cables sticking out of the hole with help attract your target

Tell your “friend” that there is some AV equipment that needs fixing in the back room where the trap is located.  The target will then look inside with his flashlight (many nerds carry these at all times) where you’ve cleverly hidden some nerd paraphernalia recessed as deeply in the wall as possible (another cable, SD card, bubble wrap, etc).  Said nerd will then reach inside the wall and grab whatever it is.

hand trapped in wallThe hole, however, is only big enough to get said nerd’s hand in when open.  This person’s curiosity, if they are truly the person you would like to trap, won’t allow him to drop the item for fear of losing it.

Other people at your party may leave to try to help, giving a great way to filter out other nerds.  Don’t feel bad though, they’ll actually have a great time.  It’s rumored that this is how Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak met for the first time, leading to the creation of the first personal computer.

nerd trapped

Curiosity killed the cat. It also claims the lives of several engineers and technicians every year.


  1. oh my gosh- hilarious.
    i like how you were so conscientious of hiding the nerd’s identity in the last photo. (and when you said “transistor” i firstly thought you said “transformer” in which case i was excited because i know what that is! but i don’t really know what a transistor is, so alas, the excitement has vanished).
    nerd warning: i do NOT want to learn about transistors in case anyone wanted to share info with me.

    • Haha, nice. As far as nerds harassing you with the answer, I think you’re overestimating how popular this site is.

  2. …just glad my trap worked! 🙂