Unboxing the ZTW 7×12 Kit

People sometimes wonder what will be in the package that they ordered.  Per this curiosity, I’ve recorded the unboxing of the ZTW 7×12 kit with the associated electronics that I purchased (servo controller and some buttons).  Keep in mind that the standard kit does come with servo motors, but none of the other electronics.  According to ZTW, these motors are  used, but they appear to be in excellent condition.  Here is what comes in the box when you get one of these units:

the large box

The box it comes in.

packing peanuts

Lots of packing peanuts - this is only about half. Nothing seemed damaged in shipping, so the peanuts did their job.

boxes within boxes

Lots of smaller boxes. Rods are leftmost, frame is in the middle, other components are in the boxes to the right.

boxes opened

The same boxes opened. Lower right is the motors, bushings, and screws.

frame components

The PVC frame components in all their vinyl glory.

So this is what comes with the 7×12 kit.  I’d assume things are similar for the 7×7 and the 12×12.  Everything appears to be in order, so it’s time to start the build!  I have confidence in my ability to put this together mechanically, but getting all the servos to work together properly seems like it will be the biggest challenge for me.

Check back as I take you through the assembly of this device and give some hints on building the 7×12.  As of now, the 7×7 manual is the reference for this machine.  It’s pretty good, but there are a few differences between the two.  Hopefully my post on how everything is put together (including a sort-of time-lapse video) can help fill in the gaps and act as a sort of 7×12 manual supplement.

ZTW CNC router kit

Zen toolworks 7x12 3D model

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