A Clean Workbench

I was cleaning my workbench today, and decided to do a stop motion animation video of it.  Not the best quality video in the world, but check it out if you want.

Like some other stop motion videos that I’ve made, its produced with GIMP layers.  Originally these layers came out reversed (and a little out of order), but after renaming the files and using the “reverse layers” (select layer – stack – reverse order) function in GIMP, everything came out correctly.  See my tutorial on creating .gif animations in GIMP which can be dragged into Windows Movie maker.

On the other hand, I did clean my workbench to make room for a new project that I’ll start on soon.  Should be a good one so make sure to check back.  For now, here’s a hint…
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Update 10/13/2011: This “mystery project” is a Zen Toolworks CNC router.  Here’s a post and video about the initial assembly up to my latest post about a “random tree” carving that I made with it!

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