More “Upgrades” for “Boxie”

"cardboard" boxieIn order to make “Boxie” more of a “creepster”, the next upgrade would focus on making it blend in better with it’s environment.  Although a ghillie suit might be the right thing for jungle operations, a cardboard box a la Solid Snake seemed like the correct thing for creeping people out in an urban environment.  The results are pretty cool as seen in the video after the break.

I had some cardboard laying around and after a little thought resulting in the following diagram, Boxie’s urban ghillie suit was born (see video after the break):


cardboard diagram - cut cut cut, fold fold foldcardboard cutout






After cutting everything out, and a few folds later, here’s how it looked in action:

So yeah, pretty creepy. The box itself is now spray-painted blue as well if anyone cares. Here’s an animated .gif of Boxie (here’s how make an animation like this with GIMP), followed by an advertisement for your amusement:

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