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Assembling the ZTW 7×12 Kit

As posted about before, I’ve been assembling a ZTW 7×12 CNC router.  It went together fairly smoothly using the 7×7 manual, but there are a few differences.  I’ll outline those differences in each step after the break. The mechanical assembly will also be reviewed.  Before all that though, here’s a video of it coming together in not-quite-stop motion:

The 7×7 manual is organized into three sections, Y, X, and Z – in that order.  If it doesn’t jump out at you immediately, Read more »

Make an ATHF “Err” Mosaic

So an Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninite mosaic will probably not appeal to 99% of the general internet.  However, if you find this blog appealing, I’d be willing to bet that only 80% of those reading will have no idea what an “Err” is.  Without further ado, here is my “Err” Mosaic:

ATHF Err Mosiaic MooniniteSo that’s what the final result looks like.  I happened to walk by a TV that had something about mosaics on it, and thought it looks worth trying.  If you’d like to see how this was done, read on:

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Unboxing the ZTW 7×12 Kit

People sometimes wonder what will be in the package that they ordered.  Per this curiosity, I’ve recorded the unboxing of the ZTW 7×12 kit with the associated electronics that I purchased (servo controller and some buttons).  Keep in mind that the standard kit does come with servo motors, but none of the other electronics.  According to ZTW, these motors are  used, but they appear to be in excellent condition.  Here is what comes in the box when you get one of these units:

the large box

The box it comes in.

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